December 19, 2009

Female Language and Imagery of the Divine

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According to Carol Christ, “If we do not mean that God is male when we use masculine pronouns and imagery, then why should there be any objections to using female imagery and pronouns as well?” What an important question. I was raised using only male language when talking about God and spent my childhood through my early college years (which I am embarrassed to admit!) believing that God was a man. As studying religion and theology has shaped my life, I decided that gender neutral language when talking about God was the right way to approach this issue. For quite some time I used the term“divine” to talk about God. It made sense to me. But then I began reading Carol Christ and some of her work has greatly affected my views. In particular, she argues that we must use female language to talk about the divine in order to have positive female imagery of the divine. Right now we are inundated with male language, we must balance that out. And so I decided that I must use female language to talk about the divine. To be honest, I feel comforted by talking about the divine as woman, as mother. In order to further develop my own imagery of the divine as woman I wrote a prayer that I wanted to share. It was a great exercise for me to describe the qualities I feel the divine possesses and it allowed me to feel a closer connection to Goddess Mother.

Prayer to Goddess Mother

Great Goddess Mother
Who is Immanent in All Things
Spiraling Life into Being
And Communicating through Nature
She Who is Compassionate and Merciful
Nurturing our Spirit
Her Benevolence felt Strongly
And Encountered through Humanity
She Who is Guardian
Cradling us with Affection
Her Protection Sensed
And Her Love a Source of Haven
She Who is Sustainer
Nourishing our Lives
She Who is Vivifier
Cultivating our Hearts
Great Goddess Mother
Guide Me to Have Faith in Your Wisdom
To Share Your Gentle Compassion
And to be Sincere in Spirit and Heart

October 13, 2009

Tales from real life

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I cannot count the images of God in my life. Since the time I became a Christian at age 7, God has been personal and real. Images have changed depending on what has happened along the way.

God was my hope when…

I broke off my engagement

I thought my life was over

I saw no way out of a horrible work environment

Someone I love died

I gave up on hope

This I know…no matter what the image, God was there…

Present  Loving   Compassionate   Provider   Sustainer    Light    Peace  Hope    Comfort    Grace    Friend   Refuge   Savior   Spirit   Intimate   Transformer    Faithful   Creator   Life-giver

As I come to know this God more intimately, I learn about who I am. I learn about how much of God there is to know. God is not male or female for me. For all the names of God in the Bible, why should I only pray to “Father” God? What about “Keeper of the Stars” or “Creator of Light”?  I know that this God is the source of my life and the hope for my future.